Orange County fuel fund Program  Version 2.0 - 9/26/2019

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Welcome to the fuel fund serving orange county!

Here you can apply below for the various services and programs that the Orange County Fuel Fund offers...

Fuel Fund

An initiative designed to enhance the penetration rate of energy related services available for low to moderate income residents of Orange County. Historically, these residents living on a fixed income have been reluctant to take advantage of energy related programs such as HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program), Energy Savings Workshops, case management, and weatherization services. These services offer Orange County residents a series of opportunities to enhance their disposable income through a process of strengthening their energy savings, the knowledge to achieve these goals, or benefiting from programs that offer financial support. Our intent is to reduce the barriers associated with consumers applying for a financial assistance programs. By building on a consumer's strengths, we will be empowering our consumers to meet their future needs.

Services available through the Orange County Energy Initiative are:

  • Fuel Fund - is an effort to raise awareness of energy related services and programs for low to middle income residents of Orange County. To accomplish this task a series of outreach efforts and financial assistance are available to consumers for assistance with their heating related costs and their energy usage.  Read the document and see if you qualify.

  • Energy Savers Program - is for Orange County residents who may benefit from the implementation of an IDA (Individualized Development Account) to meet their growing energy/heating cost burden. We indentify and enroll vulnerable consumers in services that will enhance their ability to manage their energy costs through the winter heating seasons.  Read the document to see if you qualify.

  • Energy Conservation Workshops - Provide a brief overview of key energy savings measures that can be coordinated by the attendee with ease. A small weatherization kit for attendees of the audience, which allows the attendees to take their first step towards energy conservation without much effort.

  • Rebates

  • Testimonials

  • Green Jobs/Green New York - Funding for home energy audits for low to middle income families


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